luxury vinyl Installation
in South Eastern Ontario

Prepare for every step of your luxury vinyl installation process with this guide from the Floortrends professionals.

before your luxury vinyl Installation

Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring to install. However, we still recommend hiring professionals to handle your installation, in order to preserve your warranty. 

Before we can begin the installation process, be sure to remove any furniture or heavy objects from the work area. 

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During Your luxury vinyl Installation

When our crew arrives to begin installation, make sure an adult member of the household is home to show them to the work area. For everyone's safety, please keep children and pets in a separate part of the house until work is completed.

There will likely be a chemical odor in the work area after installation is complete. To clear the smell, establish clear ventilation for about two days after installation. Ask our installers how long you should wait before stepping on your new floors.

vinyl care and maintenance

Protect your luxury vinyl flooring with these care and maintenance tips from the experts at Floortrends in Peterborough, ON.

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