Find the perfect floors for your home with Floortrends' selection of tile floors from Ceratec, Daltile, and other top brands.

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At Floortrends, we specialize in connecting homeowners with the perfect floors for their unique style. And ceramic tile flooring is a fan favorite for any aesthetic, not just for your kitchen or your bathroom. Ceramic tile's texture and style can add enchantment to any room.

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Tile floors have been a popular choice for homeowners for hundreds and years thanks to their diversity and versatility. Whether you prefer a sleek, contemporary style or something more traditional, tile floors are a perfect fit. We carry tiles in a huge variety of color, shape, size, and style to match any homeowner's one-of-a-kind taste.

Tile cleaning | Floortrends
Tile cleaning | Floortrends

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On top of being diverse and beautiful, ceramic tiles are also exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. Tiles are scratch and water-resistant as well as environmentally friendly, outperforming most other flooring types when it comes to longevity. Whether you want a simple layout or an ornate pattern, ceramic tile will give you years of beauty.

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Protect your tile flooring with these care and maintenance tips from the experts at Floortrends.

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Prepare for every step of your tile installation process with this guide from the Floortrends professionals.

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Get inspired for your next home improvement project with this gallery of beautiful tile floors.