Daltile Confectionery Wintergreen CNFCTNRY_CY24_6X6_SM



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  • Colors Available
Daltile Confectionery Lemon Drop CNFCTNRY_CY23_6X6_SM
Lemon Drop
Daltile Confectionery Wintergreen CNFCTNRY_CY24_6X6_SM
Daltile Confectionery Gum Drop CNFCTNRY_CY25_6X6_SM
Gum Drop
Daltile Confectionery Pixie Stick CNFCTNRY_CY26_6X6_SM
Pixie Stick
Daltile Confectionery Crushed Berry CNFCTNRY_CY27_6X6_SM
Crushed Berry
Daltile Confectionery Blueberry Cobbler CNFCTNRY_CY28_6X6_SM
Blueberry Cobbler
Daltile Confectionery Birthday Cake CNFCTNRY_CY20_6X6_SM
Birthday Cake
Daltile Confectionery Salted Caramel CNFCTNRY_CY21_6X6_SM
Salted Caramel
Daltile Confectionery Licorice CNFCTNRY_CY22_6X6_SM

Product Attributes

Collection Confectionery
Color Wintergreen
Shape Square
Application Residential and commercial
Size 6X6
Width 6
Length 6
Description Indulge your senses into the monochromatic look of Confectionery™. This decadent assortment will tickle your taste buds with its retro design. From stripes and arrows to diamonds and chevron, the patterns you can customize are limitless. Enjoy sweet